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Analysis and perspective of iPhone XS and XS Max signal gates

Date:2018/12/26 15:13:03

The main problem of this paper is: using FCC's EIRP as a comparison of wireless performance

The basic FCC requirements for EIRP are actually limiting the maximum launch risk of the handset, rather than quantifying the communication quality of the handset.

EIRP = conducted transmit power + antenna gain, where the antenna gain is the value of the antenna in the best direction - some engineers will ignore - mobile phones with time-varying positions and attitudes are difficult to fully understand based on EIRP best Antenna performance in the direction.

Finally, you may have noticed that EIRP has always said it is a "boot" feature, and that you are most concerned with "receive" performance. At this point, AJ himself also stressed in the reply to the original post on October 31:

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