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Definition of cold welding, false welding, empty welding and virtual welding in SMT

Date:2020/2/26 10:30:42

      In the current SMT process, most manufacturers face different SMT process defects, such as tin beads, residues, fake welding, virtual welding, empty welding, and cold welding ... especially the latter four, many friends in the maintenance industry are unable to Distinguish the difference between them, because these four kinds of bad looks all the same. NowBEST TOOLSwill explain these four types of badness in SMT for you:

      1. Fake welding: It means that the surface seems to be welded, but it is not actually welded. Sometimes the lead can be pulled out of the solder joint as soon as it is pulled by hand.

      2. Virtual welding: Only a small amount of tin is soldered at the solder joint, which causes poor contact and is constantly on and off. False welding and false welding refer to the fact that the surface of the weldment is not sufficiently plated with tin, and the solder is not fixed by the tin, which is caused by the surface of the weldment not being cleaned or the flux is used too little.

      3. Empty welding: The solder joints should be soldered but not soldered. Too little solder paste, problems with the parts themselves, placement of the parts, too long after soldering, etc. will cause empty soldering.

      4. Cold welding: No soldering strip is formed at the soldering interface of the part (ie, poor soldering). The temperature of flow welding is too low, the time of flow welding is too short, the problem of tin eating, etc. will cause cold welding.

      In the actual SMT soldering process, only by clearly understanding the causes of various defects and selecting the appropriate flux and solder material, can we effectively reduce the solder defect rate and improve the quality of solder!

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